Super Greens Powder

Live Long, Live Strong

   Mar 07

What are Super Greens anyways?

Super Greens? Super Foods? No of course this isn’t a referral to some kind of children’s TV super hero, after years of abusing my body with poor eating or fad dieting trends and fed up of feeling almost constantly lethargic I decided to detox my system. Initially though I was worried about not getting enough protein in my new found healthy lifestyle, some research online and I discovered super foods and super green supplements which offer multiple health benefits, not only are they lacking in saturated fats or artificial additives but help in contributing to free radicals in the body ridding it of toxins. I was also concerned if I was getting enough calcium through super greens or not.

Another benefit from the regular consumption of super green supplements is there release of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that studies have shown, stimulate the growth of new skincells, repair damaged cells helping with alignments such as eczema, liver problems and ulcers. Other elements include the disease fighting capabilities they posses, greatly reducing risks heart disease, arthritis and even cancer!

Within week of taking supergreen powder to supplement my new diet I found a fresh mental clarity releasing me from a previous dependance on caffeinated drinks such as coffee and a large increase in my ability to concentrate. This was combined with a new found stamina as well as an improved energy levels.

A complete list of the benefits of super green supplements would be too long to list here. Each of the seven cereal grasses used in super grass supplements offer a long list of positive health effects for the human body. In a good quality super green powder, additional ingredients (fruit and vegetable extracts as an example) also contribute their own health benefits.
To understanding the positives results of super greens and super green powders, here is a small summary of the most notable health benefits associated with them.

Ridding the body of toxins
Improved immune system
Improved mental faculties
Improved stamina
Reduces cholesterol

As mentioned before one of the major benefits offered by super green foods and supplement powders is their ability to rid the body of toxins that contribute and increase the body’s level of free radicals. Which are believed to be responsible for a range of health issues, from advanced and premature aging to immune system deficiency.

Another important benefit of super greens is how they contribute to alter your body’s acid to alkaline ratio. One of the best ways to alkalize your body is by drinking super greens food. Processed foods, such as hot dogs, sweets, snacks and of course fast foods usually consumed by someone on a normal or unregulated diet. Contributing to an unhealthy pH in your body which should be more alkaline than acid in order to improve your immune systems abilities to name of one of the many benefits.